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Other Services

Additional capabilities

Andra Jewels is able to offer many services to its customers, including:

1. Finishing services

Our sites in Birmingham and Hastings are set up to provide various services to enable our customers to improve product which may have tarnished or to provide other finishing services such as, but not limited to:

  • Polishing;
  • Barrelling;
  • Enamelling;
  • Rhodium plating
  • Deburring; and
  • Cleaning

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2. Packaging for direct dispatch

We have the physical space to handle a substantial quantity of goods and are therefore able to offer packaging services, if our customers wish to provide us with completed pieces of jewellery (or any other product for that matter) to be packaged and then dispatched to an end customer.

3. Novelty gift jewellery manufacture

Our range includes earrings which we package in novelty gift boxes to appeal to a specific market.

We are able to design these novelty ranges, and pack them in interesting novelty boxes as our customers require.

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4. Inexpensive fine jewellery (including ‘free’ gift services)

Our customers sometimes seek to include jewellery as a ‘free gift’ as part of larger purchase their end-user is making. We are able to provide this jewellery to the specification of our customers.

We have the scale, capacity and appetite to address any project our customers wish to undertake.

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